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Eva Kot'átková

*1982 in Prague, Czech Republic, lives in Prague.

Mobile Library

Eva Kotatkova's work 'Mobile Library' seems to be a handlibrary on wheels. Its content is related to patients of a mental hospital. The index cards in the library relate to these patients. In her artworks the artist often refers to people segregated and stigmatised by society because of their pecularities. Moreover she confronts society with its lack of openmindness and flexibility towards distinctiveness.

Educational Model

The sculpture might be a representation of an educational model, all the way leading to a higher knowledge. Or is it more a representation of a three-dimensional diagram of an educational system, which is less inclined to education for all but instead producing hierarchical structures? It is a sculpture that can be used. Playfully one can choose a place within the hierarchy. But, be careful, who rises too high, can also fall deep.

Psychological Theatre, Collection of Oskar, A Boy, Who Talks through Images

The large installation of Eva Kotatkova in the four showcases of the driveway of the Telekom Innovation Arena in Berlin tells the fictional story of four children and their different forms of communication. In her work Kotatkova often deals with social structures, education systems, the human body as a shell or a prison. She traces the inner restrictions as well as the outer limits generated through the educational system. For her work she often uses antiquarian books, illustrations, photographs and sketches. This material is newly rearranged and sometimes enhanced with drawings by the artist.  A certain color pervades her work: the patina of an antique book. She plays with this vague impression of dust, with the slight horror that may be provoked by something old and discarded. She acts in a psychological condition that can produce a slight appearance of malaise, an unpleasant anxiety.

Something seems to resist a liberated, carefree and humorous way of dealing. Is it the body that was trained by education and conventions? Is it the social peer pressure of Community, that integrate us into a network of rules and rigid structures? Is it ourselves, who cannot liberate from our psychological and physical entrapment making us act more like more like mechanical dolls?

If so, how should open communication be possible? How should an exchange of thoughts, feelings and hunches succeed, that is not immediately based on a misunderstanding?

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