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Cristian Răduță

*1982 Bucharest, Romania, lives in Bucharest.

Cristian Răduță is a member of the collective that runs the Sandwich Gallery. The gallery is located on a site, which was already in communist time used by the Artist Union for the production of colours, sculptures and for studios and workshops. Since a few years, this area is rediscovered by a younger generation of artists.

Failed Mission #17

'Failed Mission # 17' is part from a series of installations and sculptures, which employ elements and objects resembling reminiscents at space travels, satelites and in general the conquest of outer space. Contrary to the usual heroic and glorious representation of these expeditions and experiments, Cristian Răduță is concentrated on moments of failure. With the works of this series he lends to such moments of tragic and despair a highly poetic and narrative dimension.

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