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Gabriela Vanga

*1977 in Romania, lives in Paris, France.

A Letter, A Word, A Story...

At first sight, the four diagonally wall elements look like a work of constructive art. The strictly non-objective art from the first half of the twentieth century, which was not based on the abstraction of the visible world but rather on mathematical, physical, or architectural principles. The colour application on these four blue diagonally placed rectangles is not completely covering, it shows traces of the painter's work.

Behind this visible facticity, however, is a concealed text. The blue colour reacts to heat and becomes transparent as soon as it has reached a certain temperature. By rubbing with a finger or a hand, it reveals small parts of its secret, a letter, a word, a whole sentence. The heat-responsive paint provides resistance. Compared to the rapid availability of the information in our networked world, we are facing a deceleration here. Each time you make an attempt to release a part of the hidden text, only a few letters, rarely a whole word, become visible. It will never be possible to make the whole text readable.

Works of art are often only perceptible visually. They are not a substitute nor an illustration for a text. Behind them, however, stands the world of thought of the artist. With our attempts to transform the artwork into a text, we are trying to read the artist's world of thought. To translate the image world into language. This can never happen completely and conclusively. The work of art, which can claim to exist for decades and fascinate us, always retains a part of its mystery.

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