Diversity United


Diversity United

09 Jun – 19 Sep 2021
Flughafen Tempelhof, Berlin, Hangar 2 + 3
  • Diversity United Stiftung Kunst
  • Trashland, 2020,  Martina Vacheva
    Trashland, 2020, Martina Vacheva
  • Womens House
    Women's House (Sunglasses) 2002-; Work in Progress, Sanja Iveković
  • Diversity United guided tour with Walter Smerling and Timotheus Höttges
    Guided Tour with Walter Smerling and Timotheus Höttges

'Diversity United' shows around 90 artists from 34 countries - a strong signal for tolerance, freedom and democracy. It shows us what enrichment we have from pluralism, recognition and respect for different ideas and opinions, diversity of the contemporary art scene in Europe. The exhibition aims to build bridges and encourage the dialogue. Loans from the Art Collection Telekom by Sanja Iveković and Martina Vacheva are on view.

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