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Ioana Nemes

*1979 in Bucharest, Romania - died 2011 in New York, USA.

Ioana Nemes studied photography with Iosif Kiraly at the National Academy for Arts in Bucharest. She had to stop her former carrier as a handballplayer after a knee accident and became an artist.  Next to her artistic work she was part of the artist collective Apparatus 22, the fashion collective Rozalb de Mura and the design collaborative Liste Noire.

Her works were shown at the Fridericaneum in Kassel (2006), the Prague Biennial (2007), the Istanbul Biennial (2009) and the Secession in Vienna (2010).

Rosetta (white, grey, black)

Romanian artist Ioana Nemes often used motivs and materials linked to the traditions of her native country in her artworks and rearranges them in a new context. The ornaments of the sculptural objects Rosetta come from old Romanian cheese stamps.

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